Uganda is very safe for tourism. There are security forces everywhere to keep peace in the country. Right now the best thing to do when you visit Uganda is see the Gorillas, which are now at a discounted price from $700usd to $400usd. This price runs up to March 31st 2021. This is a chance one can’t miss so let’s pack those bags and start our journey to Uganda . Ugandan citizens pay just 150000 UGX, valid till 31st May.

Another activity is to visit our different cultures in Uganda. The pearl is known for its richness in cultures. We have approximately 56 different tribes and cultures each of these is unique. This is the kind of interesting tour every tourist shouldn’t miss.

There are affordable accomodations in these can choose according to your budget.

Incredible Places

Your East African safari is just a step away, and it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway or an unforgettable family holiday experience, we know the most incredible places. With Uganda as our home base, we travel the area from Kenya to Zanzibar, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

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