What factors to consider when starting a tour company? You don’t need a lot of money to start.

It is very important to love what you do because it takes time to finally make it. You should always avoid asking people for their input on what you want, as it might lead to discouragement or making you think you will not make it.

Do a lot of research before spending money.

Make sure you have your business plan written down. It doesn’t have to be professional. I know this sounds bizarre but I did this and it has worked for me. I started scratching my business plan out of my head, and followed my heart on what I wanted, and put it down on paper. It was very messy but it made me feel so good and proud of myself.


I did some research on how to start a website and I was shocked to find various tools and apps that teach you to create your own professional website. In a nutshell, nothing in this world is impossible.

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