As I was beginning my work in the tourism industry, and was picking up clients from Entebbe Airport for the first time, they had very many questions for me to answer. The funniest question was one concerning flushing toilets. They didn’t believe we had flushing toilets in Uganda! This made me crack up! I couldn’t control my laughter. It was at that moment I realized that a lot of information needed to be put out about Uganda!

Uganda is a growing economy with the largest percentage of its population being youth. It is a land of vast opportunities from investments to jobs., with a lot of untapped potential here. There are shopping malls, pharmacies, food stores. We have very fancy cribs, houses, apartments, hotels, and homes that will blow your mind. Complete with flushing toilets!

Although, to be honest, sometimes we do things a little differently.

You can find just about any international cuisine here, from local rolex to pizza and everything in between. There’s plenty of nightlife in Kampala, and plenty of wildlife in the parks.

Do you have questions about what life and travel is like in Uganda? Ask me anything! There is no question too silly if you don’t know the answer to it.

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