I remember the first time I picked my clients up from Entebbe airport as I was beginning my journey in the tourism industry they had very many questions for me to answer the most funny question was one concerning flashing toilets they didn’t believe we had flashing toilets in Uganda this made me crack up with laughter couldn’t control my laughter it was at that moment when I realized that there was a lot of information needed to be put out about Uganda .is.gd/op6S8F

Uganda is found in the Eastern central part of Africa ,it is a land locked country ,a very interesting country with 53 different cultures it is a nature gifted country with a lot to offer in terms of tourism .we have 4 ethnic groups namely Bantu, Nilo Hamites, Nilotics , Hamites, each of these groups have their own lifestyle, beliefs, dressing code ,cuisine, accents, religions etc… this is what makes Uganda a very unique and interesting country.

Uganda is a growing economy with the largest number of its population being youth ,it is a land of vast opportunities from investments to jobs. with the oil and Gas opportunities imaging there is a lot of untapped potential .we have shopping malls, Flashing toilets and no we don’t live under trees we have very fancy cribs, houses ,apartments, hotels, homes that will blow your mind .

Uganda is a very hospitable country there are people who come to visit and never want to go back to their homes /original countries because of the warmth they experience.

we have different cuisine restaurants from international to local cuisines feel free to ask as many questions as you can on this topic .

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