For years, the Baganda people in Uganda have prided themselves for upholding their culture and customs throughout the ages. Their traditional style has gone as far as attracting international recognition, with tourists flying in from all around the world to interact with the people and witness their time-tested values, norms, and ways of life. 

The Buganda cultural dance is intriguing. A combination of footwork, art, agility, and grace, it’s an amazing display of tradition. The people also have an exceptional culinary art, and traditional attire or dress code that has been adopted by other ethnic groups in the country.

Baganda people’s marriage custom is perhaps the most intriguing of their practices and by far the most misunderstood. The union of man and woman is one of the oldest institutions in society and for some, a very memorable moment in their lives. This is because it is not only a union of love, in the case where the process has not been manipulated and perverted but  a God-sanctioned blessing for religious elders. 

For these reasons, therefore, a great many demands, expectations, and conditions are made on those who wish to be married. The Buganda marriage process is one of such complicated processes, with procedures that must be carefully followed to the dot before the union is deemed successful. 

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