This is where you’ll find the information you need to get yourself organized and prepared for your fabulous African safari. Don’t feel overwhelmed; it’s all quite manageable if you take it step by step. Start with the most important piece, the To Do List, first:

tips on what to pack when getting ready for a east African safari :

2 pairs of long pants,2 pairs of stocking,2 pairs shorts, 5 blouses ,5 shirts, but there is an option of buying clothes here in Uganda to support the local communities .

under garments e.g bras,underpants,etc

sunscreen ,bug repellents,mosquito repellents

medical supplies for those who have health issues or ask your doctor / physician for advise based on your condition .you can also check on the world health organisation website for updates before you travel.

yellow fever book/card,passport ,medical documents if you have any chronic disease.

for more information visit the CDC website

All insurances must be covered .

mobile internet banking is now the norm in Uganda . You can choose to move with your visa card or cash whatever you feel is comfortable NOTE {DONT MOVE WITH LOTS OF CASH }

we have lots of supermarkets and pharmacies in Uganda and all east African countries but if you have a specific product you want and are not sure you will get here,it is better to first do proper research on it.

kindly contact us for more personalized information on what to carry .