Rwanda is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and heartbreaking history, a country that has transformed itself remarkably over the last quarter century.

During a several day visit we will show you the locations of that history and, as we do so, we will narrate the harrowing story Rwanda’s citizens have lived through and the stunning transformation the country has experienced. The journey will begin with a visit to Kigali’s Ntarama Church, the site of more than 5,000 killings during the 1994 genocide. We will then travel to Nyamata Church, where a further 2,500 people were murdered.

This was a deep, dark, sad chapter in Rwanda’s history, which makes its subsequent transformation all the more amazing. Next, you will visit Mayange, a village where a revolutionary project to reconcile the perpetrators and survivors of the 1994 Genocide by having them live together is now taking place.

You’ll be guided through Reconciliation Village with visits to the school and health centre, the local plantations, and an art gallery, and learn how the healing process between victims and perpetrators is occuring.

The next day you’ll travel to the Volcanoes National Park’s headquarters to meet your guides and embark on the once in a lifetime experience of tracking the mountain gorillas, which can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

You’ll spend a very memorable hour of close contact with the gorillas, coming as close as 20 feet to a family of these rare and beautiful animals.

The following day, still at Volcanoes National Park, you will track another group of primates, the golden monkeys. Like the gorillas, they are habituated to humans, enabling you to see the golden monkeys playing, feeding, and leaping from tree to tree as if you weren’t there. during the full hour you are with them.

Later that day, in the afternoon, come with us to Iby’iwacu Cultural Village where you will learn about Rwanda’s pre-colonial past. Through demonstrations and interactive activities, you’ll learn about everything from traditional medicine to warfare and how to hunt.

On your fourth day in Volcanoes National Park you will travel to the exquisitely beautiful Lake Kivu where you will visit a school and have an opportunity to observe and question the students. After lunch at the Serena Hotel, Lake Kivu, you will visit a nearby fishing village.

You’ll have lunch at the Serena Lake Kivu, and in the afternoon you can pay a visit to a local fishing village as well as a hot springs. The night will be spent in Gisenyi, Rwanda’s largest port city which sits on the shores of Lake Kivu. On your final day, you will return to Kigali, take a half day tour of the history-rich capital — the Natural History Museum, the Genocide Memorial, and the local craft markets. You will have lunch at Hotel Mille Collines — better known as “Hotel Rwanda.”

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